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November 2017


When I started Matanzas Voices, I didn't know what the future would hold. I didn't know if it would work, if anyone would like it, or if it would be sustainable.

What I did know is that it was an important project, that our Matanzas River's story is unique and deserves to be told.

So here we are, on the ground documenting the stories of people whose lives and work have shaped our northeast Florida coastal communities. In just the past month, I've recorded stories of floods and buried treasure, Florida Cracker cattle, shrimp boats, and artesian springs. I'm so looking forward to breathing life into our local history—and sharing it with you.

On our radar this November: we're growing Matanzas Voices, and hope you'll consider supporting the project! A generous donor is willing to match every dollar you give (up to $25,000) from now through December 31st. Read on to learn more!

We're also rolling out some new material, which I invite you to explore. Today we're unveiling our "Storms" feature, which serves as a memory bank of residents' experiences in major storm events. This month, boat captain Adam Morley comes face to face with Hurricane Matthew. Words to the wise: don't try this at home.

We're happy to have you with us.

Kind regards from the Matanzas,

Anna Hamilton
Project Director
Matanzas Voices

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Fundraising Alert!

A generous donor has pledged tomatch every dollar we can raise up to $25,000 from today through December 31st. We need your help! If you like what we're doing, consider chipping in to help us meet our goal.

You can make a tax-deductible donation online, via snail mail,  or make a monthly pledge via Patreon(which also gets you behind the scenes exclusives). Get to know your river and support Matanzas Voices!

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New Feature: "Storms"

Floridians are still reeling from hurricane damage, first from Matthew in October 2016 and Irma in September 2017—which is why we're unveiling a "Storms" feature to document the fallout from major storm events as they impact our region.

In our first installment, Adam Morley does everything you're not supposed to do: kayaks straight into Hurricane Matthew. 

"It was definitely one of those 'don't try this at home' stories," Adam says. "But I'd never listen to those warnings." 


Voices Spotlight: Frankie Pacetti


New to Voices? Dive into our archives to explore our interviews—like this one, with Frankie Pacetti. Frankie is a Minorcan descendent with deep connections to St. Johns County. She spent many weekends at her family's fish camp on Pellicer Creek, where she now lives full time.

"Everybody would come down on the weekends and go fishing and everybody would get together as a group," Frankie says. "When you're a kid you don't appreciate what you've got.”


Your Voice On: Food

Each month, we want to hear from you about specific themes and topics. We'll incorporate your ideas as we move forward!

This month: what are some of your food traditions?

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